Två nya recept – fisk och skaldjur

Veckans matlådor och recept.

1. Pasta- och skaldjursgratäng
2. Risotto med korv
3. Vegetarisk lasagne
4. Torsk med ingefära och kokos – skonar kollegorna – hueveos rancheros med ris
5. vildsvinskorv med rostade rotfrukter

Länkar och recept kommer.

Samt även veckan efter.

1. Pasta och skaldjursgratäng
2. Korv med senapsbakade morötter
3. Pasta pesto
4. Utelunch
5. Lasagne ala Per Moberg

Sammanfattar frågor och svar från Hacker News – del 1

Sammanfattar här ett par frågor och svar från intressant HackerNews-trådar. Del 1 för säkerhetsskull.

Ask HN: What weekend projects have you created?

My wife & I are crowdsourcing memorial benches across the world

Only been working on it for a few weekends, already have 2,300 listed on there. Would be great to get some more from the USA & Canada though. So if you spot any, please take a photo and upload 🙂

All the code is open source and the photos are CC-BY-SA.

Ask HN: What non-work task have you automated?
Fanns en del intressant inlägg där. En del som handlade om att kontrollera registreringssidor när det var öppet. Citerar en del jag gillade. 🙂

My girlfriend needed to be texted everyday otherwise she would turn sour. So I made an sms generator that randomly composed sentences combining words from three tables and sent to her at random times. It took her many months to notice. When she found out, she was angry for 10 seconds, but that anger faded to curiosity about how the random sentence composer thing worked. After I showed it to her, she got mad at me again for not updating the tables more frequently 😛

I have a system built on top of Calibre’s “recipe” scripts which scans a set of RSS feeds every day at 3am for new articles, scrapes and cleans the full content where necessary, bundles them into .mobi ebooks, and sends them to my Kindle’s email address. Amazon’s network wirelessly delivers them overnight, and I wake up in the morning with a fresh batch of reading material. It’s like a personalized newspaper subscription.

Similarly, I have a self-hosted instance of Tiny Tiny RSS set up with an array of custom scraping plugins to pull all the web comics I follow into one feed, which I consume with the Android client. I’d push this through my Kindle delivery system, but then I’d be stuck reading black-and-white versions of color comics.

Along the same lines, there are a few YouTube channels I subscribe to whose content can be enjoyed nearly as well in audio-only form. As a university student, I do a lot of walking most days to get from place to place, and I fill that time listening to audio content. The same server which runs my news- and comic-gathering systems also watches those YouTube channels, pulls down new videos, converts them to audio, and publishes the results as podcast feeds which I can subscribe to through Pocket Casts on my phone.

I have set up a battery of scripts on google app engine and Im pretty happy with it.

1. I have a script to automatically buy small amount of BTC every day

2. For the more knowledge-dense books I read, I write summaries of them ( I have a script that puts a random book review to my pocket for reviewing every week

3. I have an instagram account of lego minifig ( I wrote a script that likes other profiles to get traffic

4. I have a script that parses my bank e-mail statements to fill up my spending spraedsheets

5. I also have a script that parses incoming email for invoices. That system basically does my taxes

6. My GTD methodology revolves around Evernote. I have cron jobs that throw me “checklists” with stuff to do around certain times (yearly taxes, etc)

7. Using Twilio and verified number, my calendar sends personalized SMS with birthday wishes to my family that appear as they are from my number

8. Also on Twilio I have DIY voicemail that is aware of where in world am I and either routes to my current SIM card or takes a message. I also have a US number that routes any SMS to my current SIM

I recently moved, so I have to rebuild all my Smart-Home hacks. I am currently trying to automate my Intercom at home to play pre-recorded message to postman and let him in automatically

I did a simple scraping automation of my favourite online clothing stores, storing the clothes (prices per size) in Postgres which would notify me via SMS if something I wanted dropped below a price point I set. Also built a simple front-end for it using React / Apollo (with graphQl and express on the backend) and MobX. The gist was you could select a store from a dropdown, plug-in the product code and it’d go fetch the product / save its url in the DB and scan it every 4 hours or so, then scan the products table to see if the price of the product was set below my desired price and then notify (scheduled via node-cron).

Had it working well, but of course it was against T&Cs for each store and ultimately would have been quite brittle, so I didn’t polish it off before moving on. Frustrating because I wanted to use it as a demo to get a first web-dev job but it really wasn’t worth completing and deploying. Also, twilio SMS in Australia is IIRC 5c per message which is kinda ridiculous for any serious quantity of texts, I planned to hook it up to a Telegram bot instead.

It was actually useful though because clothing retailers don’t often send you a notification if what you want drops in price, particularly when it’s an individual price drop due to low stock.

Ask HN: What changes in your life did you make to become more productive?

  • Inga noll dagar – se citat
  • Bädda sängen – se citat
  • Klippa Internet/smartphone – förhindra distraktioner online istället för att göra något “vettigt” – inga citat
  • Anteckningsbok – skriv ner tankar och idéer – för att kunna återkomma och för att hålla huvudet alert och rent 🙁
  • Dela upp tiden – se citat

Inga noll dagar

Didnt’ do anything all fucking day and it’s 11:58 PM? Write one sentence. One pushup. Read one page of that chapter. One. Because one is non zero.

tldr; 1. Nonzero days as much as you can. 2. The three you’s, gratitude and favours. 3. Forgiveness 4. Exercise and books (which is a sneaky way of saying self improvement, both physical, emotional and mental)


Bädda sängen – varje dag!

Admiral McRaven: A normal part of a day for a Navy SEAL was we would arrive at about 7:30 in the morning. From 7:30 to 9 o’clock we did physical training every single morning of most of my career when I was assigned to SEAL teams. That’s not an easy thing to do every morning. And of course some people get up, they run or they do whatever their routine is. The idea of making the bed is it’s the same sense of discipline. It’s the same sense that you’re going to get up and do something, but it’s an easy task to undertake. You roll out of bed, you just put your bed, you make it straight. Again, you get it right, too. It’s not just about kind of throwing the covers over the pillow. It’s about making your bed right and walking away and going, “OK, that’s good. That looks good. I’m, as simple as it sounds, I’m proud of this little task I did.” And that is really what I think sets the tone for the rest of the day.

It is the simplicity. I think it is also the amount of time that it takes to make your bed. It doesn’t take an hour to do, and yet you get this sense of accomplishment. The difference between going out for a 30-minute or an hour run or doing an hour’s worth of weight training or going off and doing an hour of meditation — this takes you a couple of minutes. Some things are hard to do in the morning, and I think those are important, too. I mean, if you can get up every morning and do your run or do your PT that’s great as well, but if you’re not one of those persons still it’s good to start off with a simple task that moves you forward.

Källa: A Navy SEAL commander explains why you should make your bed every single day

Dela upp tiden

When I am participating in hobbies, with friends, on vacation, done for the day etc I do not work. I will not check my email, I will not answer phone calls, I will not do any work.

Ask HN: What was your “why didn’t I start doing this sooner” moment?

  • På riktigt – roligt 🙂
  • Motionera/träna på gym m.m.
  • Klippa Internet
  • Köpa dyrare soppåsar -samt dyrare strumpor
  • Städa
  • Versionskontroll
  • Skaffa barn – inte den blockerings som det verkar, se citat
  • Gifta sig/äktenskap – mer frågande till den men…se citatet,

På riktigt – roligt 🙂

I dropped out of the software industry and moved to Greece. Now I go fishing in the morning, read in the backyard in the afternoon and play saxophone at the local taverna at night. I make all my money committing cybercrime.

Motionera/träna på gym m.m.

Also, when I was in college, I dated this gym rat for awhile. She told me one day, “On days when I don’t feel like going to the gym, I tell myself to do it for five minutes. If I do it for five minutes and still am not feeling it, then I give myself permission to leave.” Then a few seconds later, she said, “I never leave after five minutes.”

I’ve adopted that outlook for almost everything. I don’t want to go for a run? I’ll run for five minutes. If I still don’t want to run, I can stop. I never stop and always run the whole route. If I’d rather stay home and watch TV than accept an invitation to happy hour with coworkers, I’ll do happy hour for five minutes. If I don’t like it, I can make up an excuse and leave. I usually wind up staying the whole time. This outlook has gotten me to do dozens of things I’d never do: get certified as a scuba diver, take a trip to Peru, run a half marathon, audition for a play, and so on. It’s a game-changer, for me.

Klippa Internet

Turning off email notifications on my phone. Finally pulled the trigger when I was relaxing on a Friday night and getting work emails. It’s usually more efficient to deal with email only once per day anyways.

Deleting the twitter, reddit, and facebook apps from my phone. I still access FB through the browser when I want to check something, and I check strava and instagram daily, so I’m not totally free, but it feels better.

I use that free time for reading, coding, cleaning, cooking, and running.

Köpa dyrare soppåsar – samt dyrare strumpor

Buying the most expensive bin bags my supermarket sells. They come with a nice drawstring and are tougher than normal ones. It’s remarkable how much more pleasant the task of taking the bins out is for the sake of spending about an extra £1 every month or so.

For me, it was brand-name socks. They just last so much longer than off-brand.


Cleaning. It sounds sort of childish, I know, but cleaning was always such a secondary thing to me. I wasn’t dirty, but I was messy. I would constantly buy things from Amazon, toss the box in the garage.

One weekend, a friend and I flattened and recycled every box in that garage. I bagged up every messy bit of trash, bought new furniture to help organize my things, and I feel like I can relax again in my own home. It was a problem I never knew was harming me, but since that weekend, I’ve been happier than I have been for several years.


For me, it was using version control on my code.

I was up late finishing a large programming assignment for class, when inexplicably at 3 am, my code stopped compiling with a super generic error message.

Turns out I had somehow added a random character at the top line, but it took me the next 1-2 hours being dumbfounded, confused, over-tired and frustrated before I found the problem.

It would have been a 60 second fix with a simple diff against the repo version.

After that day, I learned how to use svn and always start every project (no matter how small) inside some type of version control system.

Skaffa barn – inte den blockering som det verkar, se citat

It’s a mix of factors, but part of it was examining what freedom means to me. It was never a specific set of goals I had or specific things I wanted to do, it was a general idea that I still want to be able to go out on Friday night, or go hiking on a whim Saturday, or lounge around at night and hack on my pet project or record some music or something.

The answer came in many parts:

– We bring the kids with us a lot. Some of the fear was mental friction about the difficulty of hauling kids around. Yeah, it takes a little more work, but as long as I do that work, I bring them along and can still go where I want.

– We sometimes take turns parenting to allow each other some freedom. I can buy time to work on my hacking projects and music tomorrow by watching the kids today. For me, this didn’t change that much from my relationship with my wife, where we would make similar choices to invest some time with each other.

– We hire babysitters sometimes. (But movie night did go from a very cheap date before kids to a very expensive night after kids…)

– I take more stock of how much time I waste. For example, watching TV/Netflix is fun, but I can choose to sacrifice that here and there and buy time to do other more meaningful things.

– My motivations changed after having kids, and I have the freedom to spend time with them. Certain kinds of socializing became less important to me, which frees up some time.

– We plan ahead more often. Not a bad thing, what freedom meant in some cases was the freedom to not plan, but if I plan ahead and commit to things, I can still do what I want.

Gifta sig/äktenskap – mer frågande till den men…se citatet,


She is my everything, and though as a GF she was that too, marriage is just deeper.

Many of my single/unmarried friends don’t have the trust and support that I have. I try to tell them that ‘pulling the trigger’ is not with a gun aimed at your head, but more of the starter’s pistol in a 3-legged-race; it’s fun. Yes, we have issues, just like all humans. But as we have both grown and changed, holding each other up is something I can’t believe I used to not have.

Many ‘millenials’ seem to view marriage as a capstone to their pyramid. Get ‘a degree’, get ‘a career’, find ‘the one’, fall ‘in love’, etc. That’s wrong, marriage a cornerstone you build a life together on top of. And yes, I am lucky, I know it, and I love her even more as a result.

Maybe readers can extend this to any committed relationship, but I highly recommend taking the time to find that person and jumping in when you are only 70% certain of the commitment ( about 1 – 1/e, for the math folks). Don’t wait, just love.

För fler kommenterar eller så, kika på Ask HN: What was your “why didn’t I start doing this sooner” moment?


Måndagens låda blir från frysen. Men sedan blir det Picard-vecka.

1. Kokoskycklingbullar med ris. Hemlagat.
2. Moussaka från Picard – ok
3. Cannelloni från Picard
4. Kålrotsbiffar – hemlagade
5. Gnocchi från Picard.

Tyvärr var Picard ganska öde. Maten verkar ok, men utbudet var sämre. Tydligen pga leverans som ej dykt upp. Får se hur det går.

Uppdatering kommer allt eftersom. Som synes.

Ingen fördröjning – alla recept direkt

Nu så….ingen fördröjning. Hela veckan planerad och klar. Återkommer med länkar och uppdateringar av tidigare receptlistor.

Mån – Thailändska fishcakes
Tis – Kålrotsbiffar med avokado
ÄNDRAD – Ons – jobbar hemifrån, så äter soppa, se receptet ???
ÄNDRAD – Tors – Bönlasagne med spenat och zucchini
ÄNDRAD – Fre – Kokoskycklingköttbullar – recept ej på nätet, får använda scannern och återkomma..

Länkar kommer. Ändring i listan efter att ha jobbat hemifrån en dag för att ta emot ett paket. Se ovan.